19-20 October 2023

Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University is organizing the 3rd International Congress on Academic Studies in Philology (BICOASP) with the cooperation of five member universities of Association of Thrace Universities (TUB-Trakya Üniversiteler Birliği). The congress focuses on academic studies on ancient or modern languages and literatures besides Turkish Folklore and Translation Studies. The congress aims to provide an opportunity for academicians from different contexts of Philology to discuss and share theoretical and practical issues on a wide range of areas ranging from European languages and literatures (English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, French Language and Literature etc.) to Turkish Language and Literature, ancient or modern Eastern languages and literatures, comparative literature and translation studies. The abstracts with a relevant focus on Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching) will be considered for this congress, as well.

Congress Themes

  • Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures
  • Translation Studies
  • World Languages and Literatures
  • Ancient Languages and Cultures
  • Comparative Literature
  • Classical Turkish Literature
  • Turkish Language
  • Turkish Folklore
  • Modern Turkish Literature
  • Applied Linguistics

About Bandırma

Bandırma is a large town in northwestern Turkey on the Sea of Marmara. Its current population is 154.000. It's a district of Balıkesir. This large town is known as a commercial center with its harbor serving as a point of trade between Istanbul and Izmir. The town is surrounded by road and rail connections to other cities or urban areas. It's only two and half hours from Istanbul by ferry, so it can be considered quite close to one of the biggest metropolitan cities of the world. It's also 100 kms from Bursa, which is a historical and industrial city. 170 kms on the west is the city of Çanakkale, which is full of historical monuments extending from the time of ancient Troy to Turkish Independence War. It is only 14 kms from Erdek, one of the popular tourist destinations for summer in Turkey. The town also has a military airport. You are cordially invited to our congress in this cozy town. We would appreciate your participation in this congress.